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Pet Memorial Ideas

Here are some ideas for memorialising your beloved pet


Custom Pet Portraits

There are almost endless options and styles of personalised pet portraits available on Etsy. These can generally be done from a photograph. You can choose a more expensive original artwork, such as a watercolour painting, or a more affordable option, such as a digital custom artwork which comes as a downloadable file.

Custom Pet Plushie

Cuddle Clones is a company that creates a soft plush toy clone of your pet.


Memorial Glass

There are several companies in Australia which incorporate cremation ashes into glass ornaments. We can arrange these beautiful domes and comfort stones for you through Memorial Glass. Other companies include:

Eternity Memorials

Cremation Keepsakes

Passing Paws

Memorial Jewellery

We can arrange lovely stainless steel, sterling silver and gold vermeil memorial jewellery for you. These may contain a keepsake amount of your pet's fur or ashes or even a repilca of their actual paw print.

There are also many online stores and Etsy shops that make memorial jewellery. This jewellery may incorporate a picture of your pet, their name, cremation ashes or a lock of hair.


Bespoke Fur Baby Cushions

Loom woven cushions hademade from the fur of your pet by Melbourne artist, Dalia Holsman at Love of Weaving.

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